NEW Justin Beiber Remix by Fede4real

February 26, 2013


This is Fede4real its a pleasure to me anounce my brand new remix of the song “As los as you love me” by Justin Bieber. Some may be surprised that I have decided to remix a Justin Beiber song. First of all I want to say I never understood why the whole world is hatin on Justin Beiber. They’ve been hating since he was just a little kid. i dont think Justin Beiber has killed anybody. He has worked really hard to get to were he is at. And he is definately were alot of jealous people want to be. IM not going to say he is crazy talented,Im not going to say Im his fan but I repect the guy and as most of you know,I never choose the music I do. It sin God hands so if he wanted me to work on a Justin Beiber song so be it.

Im so proud of the result. The truth is I didnt like the original much I just came to listen to it. I have composed arranged and produced the whole new song,the only thing I used was Justin’s acapella.

I want to take this oportunity to say that lately a lot of people is traying to use my music ideas,copy or sampling my songs from youtube. I never play my original songs in youtube and theres a reason for that. I know how many talentless people look around stealing others work.But they even want to steal my new arrangements on my cover versions. Some times I just play the song like the original,but other times I build my on caracter on the song…

I just want to say Ive had many blessings in my life. One of them is creating music. I dont know about chords,progressions or music theory.God bless me with beautiful songs and talent to do what I do. So thats MY blessing. If you ar enot talented enough to write a beautiful song maybe God has another purpose for you. I dont want to sound full of myself,music to me has been a gift of God,I treasure it and I hate people stealing it. I just share with the world for them to enjoy but if things keep going like this IM going to end keeping it to  myself.

I want to remind all my music is copyrighted and I will spend my last penny defending my art. Please if you like what I do respect me as an artist.

Im going to be off for some time.This remix is the last song you are going to hear from me in quite a long time. I have alot of things to do musically and other areas in my life.

Please if you hear any of my songs/covers sampleed anywhere please let me know. Thank you God bless you all

Justin Beiber \”As long as you love me\” R&B Remix by FEDE4REAL


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